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I’m just gonna throw it out there and say this doesn’t look very safe. This guy is definitely running with very sharp objects. To his credit, he does appear to be keeping them with the blade pointed down. But still. I’m counting maybe 25 knives this dude is openly carrying on his person? Can you even use that many…effectively? By yourself? Without seriously hurting yourself? I mean, imagine you’re running along the streets of Ravnica, and you stub your toe on a flagstone, or a raging kronch comes bounding out of a side street, or a megalomaniacal elder-dragon opens a planar bridge in the middle of the city and dumps a zombie army in the middle of the city. You could trip and fall, and man, those knives are just gonna go everywhere.

Look: here’s an idea, buddy. Keep the knives, but maybe spread them around a bit. Grab a couple of friends and let them use some of your knives. Maybe throw a party and pass them around as door gifts or something.

Come to think of it, this is the Rakdos guild we’re talking about. A Rakdos party is probably where this guy got all those knives in the first place. Well, crap.

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