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I know that’s not what they were going for, but I’m having some Titus Andronicus flashbacks here.

We all know by now that the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales are not kid-friendly. MTG’s new October 2019 expansion, Throne of Eldraine, is pulling no punches in that regard. And, if we’re sticking to the source material, I have a few guesses about this card that I wish were not safe guesses, but…let’s be honest. They are.

The baker in that picture, maybe a fairy? If it is, in all likelihood, that thing sticking out of the pie is probably also a fairy, and the pie will probably be fed to other fairies. Cannibalism, folks. Prove me wrong. Please.

As a side note, I ran a search in the MTG card databases. There is a card called ‘Cannibalize,’ but the implication there I think is that the one creature murders the other and then uses its bones as armor. There’s no actual cannibalism going on here. I was expecting to find an actual card called ‘Cannibalism’ or a creature ‘Cannibals’ in my searches, but I didn’t. (And, yes. I know that cannibalism as a concept is lurking out there in the MTGverse already, but that’s not my point. The bar is very low. We take our victories where we can find them.) So good on you, MTG. You haven’t crossed that line yet.

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