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Goblin, you’re kinda putrid. I mean, no offense. It’s right there in your name, though. But this is not a serious problem. We can fix this. How about we start with a bath? And maybe get you some clothes that aren’t…rotting? Here, just…wait. Dude, wait, come back! No, that’s not what I meant by take a bath! Oh no, don’t go in there! Ohhhhhhhh nooooooo.

He went in there.

“Too stupid to survive, too dumb to die.” Don’t they have social services on this plane or something? No? What plane are we on, anyway? You know, it doesn’t really matter, BECAUSE NONE OF THESE STUPID PLANES WOULD HAVE SOCIAL SERVICES OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. Also he’s a goblin, and goblin social services probably involve amputation or explosions or both.

This is probably your fault, Ravnica. If it’s not, I’m blaming you anyway.

Sorry, Putrid Goblin. I tried.

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