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Reason #2,216: The price of greatness – one hole

Can we stop with this “at any cost” thing? Think about it for a minute. Say, this fellow here offers you greatness. You ask him what it will cost you. He says, “I’d like to use your lux cannon.” You say, “Sounds reasonable.” So you give him the keys to the lux cannon. Now, this fellow, as is common, most likely has problems of some sort. We all do. Well, what if he decides to use your lux cannon to solve his problems? And in doing so, he happens to punch a hole in the world. And maybe he punches a hole so big that the plane you live in and everything in it is destroyed. Guess what just got destroyed with the plane: that’s right, the greatness he offered. Also, you probably lost your lux cannon too. Also, you’re dead. This is a very poor bargain for you.

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