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Reason #873: Did you catch all that?

Right. So.

The promised paradise beyond the gates to the afterlife is actually just more barren desert full of monsters.

The scorpion god killed Rhonas, Kefnet, and Oketra.

All the gods are actually related, so we’re getting some hard-core fratricide and sororicide going on here.

We had a locus god bring a swarm of locusts to destroy the magical barrier protecting the city.

The river turned to blood.

The god-pharaoh is an evil dragon who deceived everyone.

Now he’s dropping hailfire on the city and killing everyone.

And now it turns out that Bontu was working for the god-pharaoh all along. And now she betrays Hazoret, and they fight, and then Nicol Bolas, the god-pharaoh, betrays Bontu, shoots her with a magical blast, and leaves her to be finished off by a hoard of zombies.

What else could go wrong? You want to know what else could go wrong?

We’re just getting started, kids.

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