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Reason #48: Kaldheim

Kaldheim is a new plane entering the MTG Multiverse. Kaldheim is a plane of vikings. Now, I know everyone loves vikings, or at least the idea of vikings. Or least the idea of what they think vikings are. You’re a smart person; I’m sure you know that the way vikings are represented in popular culture is probably a little inaccurate. You know that shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom aren’t documentaries. You get it.

I want to tell you a little about what life was like in the viking age. Or better yet, I’ll let an expert tell you a little. This is Professor Neil Price, giving a lecture at Cornell University. Seriously. Give this a watch. Skip the Netflix show you were planning to binge tonight but are only marginally interested in. Be honest, you were probably going to spend half that time checking your phone anyway.

This lecture is about viking burial practices. Viking burial practices are MESSED UP. Why? Because life in the viking age was cruel, hard, and violent. Their beliefs and cosmology reflect this; the Norse gods were cruel, violent, and untrustworthy. Point is, if we’re talking about a plane populated by vikings, I don’t want to live there. Hard pass. The viking world would have been–dare I say it–a terrible place to live.

Trust me. Watch the video. Fingers and toes, kids. Fingers and toes.

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