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Reason #1,727: Maternal instincts

Y’all know how mama birds often teach their chicks to fly by throwing them out of the nest, right? Sounds like kind of a harsh way to learn, but I’m inclined to think that their good instincts and evolutionary development has trained them to know how to do this successfully, in ways that would not kill their young. If they didn’t, we’d have no birds.

Watch this lovely nature video from the BBC, narrated by the mellifluous brogue of David Tennant. The young condor is capable of flight; it just needs encouragement and practice to get the hang of it. Its parents aren’t pushing it out of the nest before it’s capable.

Things are obviously a little different on Zendikar. On Zendikar, the Roil teaches birds how to fly, and the Roil does not pay much attention to whether they’re ready or not. The Roil doesn’t pay much attention to whether the birds are alive or not. Or whether they’re birds or not. And this is one reason why Zendikar is a terrible place to live if you’re a bird.

Are you a bird? No? Well, guess what? Zendikar is still a terrible place to live.

You remember the Eldrazi right? They were on Zendikar. Now is probably a good time to introduce you to the Roil.

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