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Reason #5,940: The latest fad

As often as you run into zombies and people raising the dead, it’s like necromancy is some kind of crazy fad over in the MTG Multiverse. Like Beanie Babies or Fidget Spinners or Air Jordans.

“Hey Lil, it’s Saturday night. What do you wanna do?”

“I got a great idea, Josu. Let’s go down to the cemetery and make a Tik Tok of us exhuming grandpa and waking him up!”

“Oh yeah, we could use that sweat disco track, Stayin’ Alive! Let’s go!”

If it’s all just a fad, maybe they’ll stop eventually. Who am I kidding? I gave up hope for this multiverse long ago. Man, how bad would it be to die in the MTG Multiverse? Who knows when some rando’s gonna come along and reanimate your body as their thrall for some unholy purpose. Talk about a violation of personal rights.

What’s that? Those aren’t fads anymore? And that’s not how the kids talk these days? Do I look like I care? I have people making zombies all over the place. I don’t have time to keep up with popular culture.

Stupid kids. Get off my lawn.

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