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Reason #6,814: My favorite card.

This is my favorite card. Is it the best card in Magic? No. Is it a great way to close out a game? You betcha! I’ve been running a mono-black deck lately in Historic on Arena. It’s sort of a devotion-style deck, but I don’t lean hard into Gary–think I’m running just two–and I have some other random jank that I like to play. I run Sword-Point Diplomacy; it’s dumb, sure, but nobody knows how to play against it. It frequently lets me hit my land drops. And if the opponent is exiling my cards, they’re losing 3 health for each card. If they want to burn all three cards, they just took 9 damage. That’s a lot of damage. Say I’ve chipped in twice with Gifted Aetherborn on top of that; opponent is down to 7. It’s a good setup for Torment. In that scenario, Torment for 3 kills them, unless they start discarding or sacing permanents.

And I’m not looking to play Torment for a mere 3. The real engine behind Torment is Cabal Stronghold. You can make A LOT of mana with Cabal Stronghold. I ripped off a Torment at X=25 the other day. Very satisfying.

This is a fun card. MTG is a fun game. A megalomaniacal dragon dropping burning hail on your world is not fun. This happened on the plane of Amonkhet. And that, Dear Reader, is reason #6,814 why the MTG Multiverse is a terrible place to live.

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