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Reason #3,324: Meanwhile, back in Kaldheim…

What did we have going? Trolls. Arni and his dumb head waking up the trolls. And making them angry. Giants. Frost giants. Fire giants. Giants fighting giants. Planeswalking Robert Frost. Doomskars. Bretagard getting torn apart and invaded by demons.

**deep breath**

Vorinclex. Demons just destroying everything. They don’t even care. More giants. Giants who want to burn down the World Tree. VAMPIRE DRAGONS. Giant world-eating wolves. Giant world–er–cosmos serpents (talk about those Freudian slips). Gods who can keep themselves from dying.

And now we have a kraken. What kind of world is this where a kraken showing up seems like a deescalation? Cheese and crackers.

Are we missing anybody? Man, we’re setting up for a real battle royale here. Just need to find ourselves a flaming cage.

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