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Reason #775: I like my face.

I mean, I get it. I’m probably being narrow minded. Or something. There are any number of reasons why I might be the problem here.

But…we have a giant man-thing made of paper birds(?) floating upside-down. It has no face. Water is coming out of the hole in its head, flowing through the roof of a floating house, and pouring out the door. I certainly get the curiosity bit; if you’re looking to get people’s attention, Mr./Ms./Mx. Go-Shintai, then I’d say you nailed it. But enlightenment?

I dunno. Feels like a scam. I just see myself going into the house and asking the shrine to enlighten me, and it says I don’t have enough heads, and then it graces me with more heads. Or maybe I have too many heads. Or too many faces. Probably too many faces.

Thanks, but I think I like my face where it is.

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