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Reason #4,795: Inside-out

Not that I’d put it beyond the MTG Multiverse to poop out some living nightmare like this, but after thinking about this one, part of me thinks someone just glued a bunch of teeth to a fiberglass frame. (As we well know, the MTG Multiverse isn’t lacking in sources of such teeth.) I mean, where did it come from? Phyrexians usually convert living, organic creatures into their horrific constructs. So what was this thing before the Phyrexians got their hands on it? Where’s it’s head?

Don’t get me wrong, I hear you, Melira. Yes, it’s creepy. No, I haven’t seen it eat, and I’ve no doubt it’s a horrific sight beyond my imagination. The horror isn’t the point. This thing just looks impractical. They’d have to a have taken a giant bird and turned it inside-out. If I turned a bird inside out, it wouldn’t fly anymore.

Clearly they know something I don’t. #achievements, I guess?

No one asked for this. Good grief.


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