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Reason #3,340: “Adrift in the currents of time” doesn’t sound good.

The MTG Multiverse always has some cataclysmic crisis that needs averting. So when I say, “What were you thinking getting adrift in the currents of time?” Teferi will answer, “It was the only way to stop the [insert crisis here].” I get it.

Let me throw out an idea here. Maybe we’re being a little reactive to our problems here? Maybe if we were proactive with problem solving… . Like for instance, maybe if we say, “Hey Yawgmoth, what if we DIDN’T develop the glistening oil? We don’t doubt that you can. But maybe doing that might not be the best idea.” Or maybe we we could get Urza and Mishra to talk through their differences.

Yes, I know they tried that! But does anyone really want to have to hit the reset button AGAIN? I’m trying to help you guys. Maybe get them some professional counseling or something. For Teferi?


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