Reason #3,313: But was it worth it?

A river of fire, you say?

I wonder what would happen if I introduced this guy to Vorinclex. Maybe we could get them into that giant hole in the ground together. Hmmmmm…

Reason #3,312: NOT NOW, VORINCLEX.

Get in line, buddy!

We’ve got enough junk going on here on Kaldheim, already! I do not have time for your Phyrexian nonsense right now. Good grief, we still haven’t even dealt with the trolls yet.

Hey, Arni! Do you know where I can find a Phyrexian-to-English dictionary around here?

Reason #3,310: Is this what you were talking about, Robert Frost?

That line about things perishing twice, was that a prediction? Was that something you lived through, Robert Frost? Were you a planeswalker? Now I have questions.

Reason #3,305: Just one?

That’s all, Arni? Just one troll? Good job, you beat one troll. Well, guess what? You woke up a whole stupid pack of them! You woke up all of them! They’re everywhere! How are you going to get rid of ALL the trolls, Arni? Your gods aren’t even immortal. You have a doomskar that swallowed up Bretagard. There’s trolls everywhere. Iskene found a giant hole in the ground. Everything is going wrong on this awful plane, and what do you have to say for yourself, Arni? You beat ONE troll? Well, here’s a gold star, buddy! You can wear it with pride while all the rest of them eat us.

One troll. Please. How are we going to get rid of the rest of them?

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