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Reason #5102: Hidetsugu, who Stays on Brand

So, check this out. I pulled this from an article by Jim Davis about the previews for the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty expansion. And here’s the first comment at the bottom:

I’ll leave you to your own conclusions.

Reason #707: Put that back!

I know we’re not dealing with bones here, but I feel like adding a verse to the song Dem Bones might be instructive.

The brain here belongs inside of the skull,/ The skull it originally came from./ And leave it alone cause it belongs there./ You should not take it out./

Reason #1,078: Conflicting Interests

Clearly this fellow does not want to be in this room, and those bars give me a strong inkling the someone else doesn’t want him getting out. Is Innistrad known for being good at mediating conflicts or something? My gut says this is going to end with someone being very unhappy.

Reason #5,101: Let’s make jewelry out of mercury.

So am I jumping to conclusions? A little.

Is that something MTGMultiverse denizens would do? Highly likely.

Would I trust any jewelry-makers from Phyrexia? Absolutely not.