Reason #1,869: An imminent conflagration

I’m looking at a lot of overgrowth here, and I’m also looking at some fires that are really started to get going. This place is about to get torched. Do you think the Gruul know how to do a controlled burn? If they do, do you think they’d ever actually do one? In fact, I’m also seeing some parts of the city in here; they probably set those fires on purpose.

Who do you think the worst arsonists in Ravinica are? The Gruul or the Rakdos? Not that we’re having a competition here or anything.

Reason #2,101: There goes the neighborhood

I think that “calamity” is something to which I do not want to be in close proximity. This seems like an obvious question, but does anyone want to be living in Bretagard while something like this is going on? I sure don’t. I imagine the people of Bretagard probably wouldn’t have been too keen on it either, but I’m also gonna guess that a lot of them don’t have opinions anymore because they’re dead.

Reason #5,512: Aether Portals

That eye there: that’s the eye of confusion. Whatever that thing is, it looks like it doesn’t know where or when it’s been.

What is wrong with this place? These portals can displace you in space OR time if you get sucked into one. And they’re just floating across the Mirrodin’s surface. Imagine you’re at the swimming pool, and you jump off the diving board, and one of these portals drifts between you and the water. And instead of splashing into the pool, you land on a mountain on the opposite side of the planet, 1,000 years in the past! What if one of these things sucked up your house with you in it?

Seriously, how do you maintain a civilization with this kind of nonsense going on? And why would you want to?

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