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Reason #787: Your city just got ransacked

“Why is the brutality so widespread?” you ask. Well, that’s because a zombie army just invaded the city of Ravnica. That zombie in the background is setting that house on fire. War generally has a highly negative impact on property values.

It also has a highly positive impact on mortality rates.

Move to Ravnica. Lose your house. Die. Yup. This is a place I want to live.

Reason #47: Catacomb Slugs

A common theme you can expect to see is things (particularly animals) being much larger than they should be. Take this slug that lives in the sewers of the city of Ravnica. The existence of such a creature raises all sorts of questions that might challenge Ravnica’s rank on any “Best Cities to Live In” list. For instance, what sort of ecosystem is necessary to support this sort of megafauna (especially considering this isn’t the biggest thing living underneath Ravnica either)? And how would the presence of such things affect sewer maintenance expenses? I mean, as far as civic infrastructure goes, having functional plumbing and sewer systems (and sanitation services in general) is pretty important. And yet Ravnica has these slugs. This particular slug appears to have eaten someone. The salaries for Ravnica sanitation employees must be through the roof. Imagine the hazard pay. Me, I think I’d just be looking for a different job. Or maybe just a different place to live.