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Reason #928: The Fountain of Cho

I don’t actually know what the Fountain of Cho is. Thing is though, I read about this wall, and I read about these waters, and I just immediately think these waters are probably mixed with toxic, subterranean ichor, or maybe the spirits of the damned, or someone’s blood. I think we need to talk about …

Reason #3,920: A wound in the universe

So you’re telling me that black stuff seeping out the tomb here is Yawgmoth’s blood? That’s A LOT of blood. Who was this character? Probably some horrible, giant monster from space or something. Probably, I dunno, has acid spit. Just trying to picture what could cause a “wound in the universe” per se. Sounds real …

Reason #4,884: Another misnomer

Hey look, it’s an actual leech. It also looks pretty big though. And man, those teeth look very much like they’re meant for chewing things. Wait, what’s that Gavi? This thing is after more than just my blood? Seriously? What’s it after? These ARE NOT leeches, Ikoria!

Reason #3,971: His blood is on fire

Why is this person’s blood on fire? I mean, crud, that looks like lava or something. So this Purphoros, he’s a god of the plane of Theros. As a side-note, the ‘gods’ of the MTG Multiverse typically aren’t planeswalkers. What does that tell you about the quality of ‘gods’ in the MTG Multiverse? Weaker than …