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Reason #1,801: Dark exploitation

That’s what it says here: dark exploitation. Right there on the label. Also, maybe note all the bones surrounding the obelisk. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this all pretty much amounts to a warning sign, saying “Keep Away.” I’m fine with that. I’ll stay away, thanks.

Reason #1,374: Souls. Lots of souls

This Starke character seems to have just punted on the bones all together. I’m a little fuzzy on my Tempest lore (and a little too lazy to go looking it up), but I think Starke was a traitor himself. To Gerrard? Whatever happened to building walls out of normal stuff like brick or stone or …

Reason #1,372: That’s a lot of bones

Another card with an extensive history in Magic, Wall of Bone has ten different printings. And looking at this wall, I gotta ask, “Where did they get all those bones?” Grave robbing? Some of those bones look huge. Whose grave did they rob? I don’t know about this idea, guys. Here’s another version of the …