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Reason #7,110: Smallpox

According to the WHO, roughly 3 in 10 people who contracted smallpox died from it. Those who survived often experienced significant lasting effects, such as scarring or blindness. In 1798, Edward Jenner developed an inoculation technique for treating smallpox; estimates suggest there were still some 50 million cases annually every year on a global basis …

Reason #5,370: Phobias. Or why I wouldn’t fit in on Zendikar.

I’m not a huge fan of heights, and Zendikar seems to have a lot of high places that would be easy to fall from. Also, a notable lack of guardrails.

Reason #3,009: Eldraine also has public safety issues

Yeah, you remember those mountain roads in Innistrad without guardrails? Well, not to be outdone, Eldraine decided to build a tournament ground at the base of an active volcano.

Reason #3,941: Don’t put that there!

Hmmmm. When asked the question, “What’s the best way to get to Ravnica?” how would you answer? Maybe drive? Or take a boat? Or planeswalk, if you’re a planeswalker, however that works. Seems reasonable. If you’re Nicol Bolas, you use the Planar Bridge. It opens a portal between planes, one that conveniently is big enough …

Reason #47: Catacomb Slugs

A common theme you can expect to see is things (particularly animals) being much larger than they should be. Take this slug that lives in the sewers of the city of Ravnica. The existence of such a creature raises all sorts of questions that might challenge Ravnica’s rank on any “Best Cities to Live In” …