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Reason #6,032: Nothing sinister happening here

It’s fine. Everything’s fine. They’re just…camping out or something. Right? Those robes, it’s probably just a bit cold outside. Gotta stay warm. And the knife… . And the spiked braziers… . It’s fine.

Reason #255: Meet Avacyn

Here on Innistrad there’s a resident guardian angel named Avacyn. There are a lot of scary, dangerous things on Innistrad–zombies, vampires, werewolves, the Ashmouth. But fortunately, we have Avacyn here on our side to protect us from all those things. Right?

Reason #4,821: Shall we play a game?

I’m getting a “War Games” vibe here. Toppling kingdoms, you say? Do you mean literal kingdoms? What kind of game are we talking about here? I want to read the fine print before I sign up for this. Or maybe I’ll just pass. It’s fine.

Reason #8,728: Uh, guys…what are you doing?

I mean, they could just be mannequin heads or something, right? Or I know: they’re phrenology busts, and Sharuum is having them thrown away, because phrenology is a debunked science. I bet that’s it. I’ll just keep telling myself that. It’s fine. Everything is fine.