Reason #1,814: When you have to go inside to get some fresh air

So, air by itself usually isn’t bad. It’s things in the air that make it bad. Like ash from, say, a forest fire or volcanic eruption. Or if a nuclear power plant melted down and now there’s radiation all over the place. This wind sounds just…bad. Who knows why? Certainly looks bad.

Reason #5,308: Why are we reforging souls?

Seriously. Slow down there. Why is this necessary? What is the ‘Cursemute’? Has there been a lot of soul reaving going on lately? Also, I’m no expert, but why are we using ‘divine fire’ to ‘reforge’ souls? I mean, I guess fire is a key instrument in metallurgy. But also fire tends to consume things. …

Reason #3,971: His blood is on fire

Why is this person’s blood on fire? I mean, crud, that looks like lava or something. So this Purphoros, he’s a god of the plane of Theros. As a side-note, the ‘gods’ of the MTG Multiverse typically aren’t planeswalkers. What does that tell you about the quality of ‘gods’ in the MTG Multiverse? Weaker than …

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