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Reason #5,579: The scarecrows have awoken.

I don’t get the sense that these things are benevolent, either. Now, I also don’t get the sense that they’re terribly malicious, but sometimes the indifferent force of nature can be more frightening than enemy bearing evil intent. I expect these things are scaring more than just crows. Be honest, if you heard or saw …

Reason #885: And now it’s dead.

The magical, zombie, cat-god shot the pegasus with her magical, zombie, cat-bow. Good job, MTG Multiverse. Once again, you’ve made a point of killing the nice things in the world. Good job. It’s your own house you’re burning down here. By all means, don’t let me get in your way.

Reason #6,577: Zombie dragons

Does anyone out there think this could possibly be a nice zombie dragon? Does anyone think this is a dragon they want to meet in person? Let me rephrase that–anyone who does not already live in the MTG Multiverse. Y’all are a bunch of nuts, and I don’t trust your judgment.

Reason #79: Urza raises red flags

Urza here is said to be “…pushing the boundaries of both possibility and morality.” Pushing the boundaries of morality, guys. I hope I don’t have to explain this one. Although apparently Urza kinda missed the boat on this one. Look, if one of your friends starts saying, “Hey, wanna go push the boundaries of morality?”, …

Reason #8,226: This one’s certainly big enough.

Just based on the scale there. People-sized houses up to its knees. Not sure how well the leech would do trying to suck blood out of it. And in any case, it’s the wrong plane; this fellow is from Theros, so I guess we’ll have to continue the search for the sake of our leech …