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Reason #1,684: What do you get when you cross a ghost with a corpse?

Hey look, more reanimated corpses. But this time we took a disembodied spirit and jammed it in a dead body that was not its own. Does this seem like a good idea to anyone? What are we even trying to accomplish here?

Reason #6,081: Bad ideas with a side of bad ideas

Who in their right mind says, “You know what I need? A horn that projects screaming ghosts when I blow it.” Why is there so much screaming around here? Oh right. Cause THE MTG MULTIVERSE IS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE.

Reason #6,149: Ghost knights

Okay. So here’s this suit of armor. You put it on. But if you die, that’s not the end of it. The armor reanimates, because it’s haunted; there’s a ghost inside it. Now could be that you’re running around in some haunted armor…which means you’re running around in haunted armor. This is fine. Sure. Right. …