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Reason #6,321: Don’t tread on me. Please?

So, look. The prospect of living in a world where a significant (or really any) portion of the population can step on me (in the manner demonstrated here) makes me a bit uncomfortable. And I know the giant was born a giant, and there are probably plenty of decent giants out there. And this isn’t …

Reason #5,304: It moves

I don’t know that this fellow is actively malicious, though the card text suggests maybe he’s targeting anything that’s not a giant. Whatever the case, living anywhere near this guy just doesn’t seem safe. He might just pick up your house and walk off with it.

Reason #1522: This one’s also made of corpses

Pretty sure it is, anyway. Guess it’s kind of hard to tell. You know what, though? It being made of something else doesn’t really improve things much. I still don’t want to run into one of these. This thing is huge. Oh, and guess where it’s from. Innistrad! Hooray!