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Reason #3,323: They don’t stop at killing you, either.

Are you ready to disband your cult now? Cause this is what you have to look forward to, if you don’t. You’re going to be a zombie thrall. Is that what you want? … Dude! The correct answer was “No!” No! That question was rhetorical!

Reason #881: Kefnet’s back.

The god-eternals were really unbalanced in limited formats. And while I’m no design expert, I think it would have done a lot of good if they had just taken out the part about being put into exile. That’s kind of what the introduction of the exile zone was for: so the there was a place …

Reason #875: The Scarab God

It’s the Scarab God. I hated playing against this joker. He pings you at the start of every turn. He digs your dead creatures out of your graveyard, turns them into big nasty zombies, and punches you in the face with them. And unless you exile him, he just keeps coming back every time you …