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Reason #775: I like my face.

I mean, I get it. I’m probably being narrow minded. Or something. There are any number of reasons why I might be the problem here. But…we have a giant man-thing made of paper birds(?) floating upside-down. It has no face. Water is coming out of the hole in its head, flowing through the roof of …

Reason #5,512: Aether Portals

That eye there: that’s the eye of confusion. Whatever that thing is, it looks like it doesn’t know where or when it’s been. What is wrong with this place? These portals can displace you in space OR time if you get sucked into one. And they’re just floating across the Mirrodin’s surface. Imagine you’re at …

Reason #7,303: Another bad place to build a house.

Why? Erosion. Those waves are going to eat away the foundation of that island, and it’s going to fall into the ocean. Not a good place to build a house. Unless, I suppose, you want your house to fall into the ocean, in which case, knock yourself out.

Reason #8,226: This one’s certainly big enough.

Just based on the scale there. People-sized houses up to its knees. Not sure how well the leech would do trying to suck blood out of it. And in any case, it’s the wrong plane; this fellow is from Theros, so I guess we’ll have to continue the search for the sake of our leech …

Reason 3,881: Another hazardous bog.

Hey, look. This one has hands. Still not looking for a hug, though. Strangely, it looks like this one is indoors? Not sure which plane this is, but apparently you aren’t safe going into houses, because you might find a murderous bog inside. Thanks, MTG Multiverse. You’ve ruined houses.