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Reason #6,619: Extending social services

I know he’s a goblin, but I do feel sorry for Gerkk. That’s a phyrexian infection there. Those never end well. A good start for expanding social services for goblins might involve an education program. Like phyrexians: don’t go near them. Phyrexian ichors: don’t touch it. Easy messages right? Very much in line with “don’t …

Reason #6,887: A glorious infection

See, this is not a metaphor. When Elesh Norn says infection, she’s talking about the kind that gets in your body and makes you sickl. It’s right there in front of us, that giant black blob. Nothing ambiguous about this one.

Reason #928: The Fountain of Cho

I don’t actually know what the Fountain of Cho is. Thing is though, I read about this wall, and I read about these waters, and I just immediately think these waters are probably mixed with toxic, subterranean ichor, or maybe the spirits of the damned, or someone’s blood. I think we need to talk about …

Reason #2,441: Painful, messy blood of the gods

So according to Greek mythology, ichor is the blood of the gods. So what exactly is going on here? Is this elephant some sort of god? In which case, this god just exploded. Yikes. Or, if the elephant isn’t a god, then…what? Did he just get hit by an ichor water-balloon? That seems like a …