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Reason #5,818: Those knives, they’re scary

MTG streamer Jamie “Topples” Rigatti summed this one up pretty well during a 9/8/2019 stream, saying, “Look at that knife. That knife is scary as–“ Pretty much sums it up. Can we stop with the knives, guys?

Reason #747: Wait, THAT’S where those knives come from?

So, I really would not want to run into this guy in a dark alley. Or in the middle of the street. Or really anywhere. That’s a whole lot of sharp stuff with wings, and just a hunch, but I doubt he’s just looking for a hug. But guys. This is where the Rakdos get …

Reason #746: Can we cut it out with the knives?

Well, here we are back on Dominaria, and look what we have. Another dingus running around with an egregious amount of sharp things. Remember when your mom told you not to run with scissors? That principle applies to knives and chains with spikes and hooks…and scythes…uh…and spiked balls… . Oh dear…

Reason #745: Too many knives

I’m just gonna throw it out there and say this doesn’t look very safe. This guy is definitely running with very sharp objects. To his credit, he does appear to be keeping them with the blade pointed down. But still. I’m counting maybe 25 knives this dude is openly carrying on his person? Can you …