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Reason #2,309: Exquisite jewelry

Is this a joke? Cause this doesn’t look like an exhibition of the latest in merfolk fashion. It looks to me like that giant mollusk is trying to eat that merperson. They aren’t wearing a new necklace, and the mollusk doesn’t merely want a hug.

Reason #6,601: And you thought alligators in the sewers were bad

Good grief, what even is that thing? Some kind of wurm or something? What are you people throwing down there to feed this thing? If there ever were alligators down there, I’m guessing they’re probably gone now. This has got to be Ravnica.

Reason #3,703: What is it so voracious for?

I mean that’s the real question, right? Maybe this dude is just a big softy looking for a friend. Maybe it’s really good at seven-part harmony. There are a lot of maybes we could get into, but…really? Do I really have to do this? It’s hungry, ok? Maybe it’s voracious for knowledge or something equally …