Reason #859: Where are you taking that blood?

You’re giving that blood to Bontu? Why would you give that blood to Bontu? What the crud? Surely, Bontu will not accept such a terrible offering. You murdered your crop-mate to get that blood! Guess what, folks. Bontu accepted the blood.

Reason #6,126: Zombie Knights

What’s up with all the zombie knights? This guy is just wandering around the marshes of Eldraine, as one does. Lookin’ pretty rough honestly. Horse ain’t doing so great. Gonna go…murder…someone. You know, buddy, why not take a break? Nice long break. You’ve earned it. Trust me. Don’t think he’s listening.

Reason #6,328: Death lurks between, or behind, the lines

One of the questions I’m frequently asking about these examples is “What is actually going on here?” Because of course it would be easy to jump to conclusions, and we certainly don’t want to allow prejudice to cloud our judgments regard the MTG Multiverse. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe it’s really not as bad as I …

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