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Reason #3,340: “Adrift in the currents of time” doesn’t sound good.

The MTG Multiverse always has some cataclysmic crisis that needs averting. So when I say, “What were you thinking getting adrift in the currents of time?” Teferi will answer, “It was the only way to stop the [insert crisis here].” I get it. Let me throw out an idea here. Maybe we’re being a little …

Reason #1,078: Conflicting Interests

Clearly this fellow does not want to be in this room, and those bars give me a strong inkling the someone else doesn’t want him getting out. Is Innistrad known for being good at mediating conflicts or something? My gut says this is going to end with someone being very unhappy.

Reason #2,216: The price of greatness – one hole

Can we stop with this “at any cost” thing? Think about it for a minute. Say, this fellow here offers you greatness. You ask him what it will cost you. He says, “I’d like to use your lux cannon.” You say, “Sounds reasonable.” So you give him the keys to the lux cannon. Now, this …