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Reason #7,110: Smallpox

According to the WHO, roughly 3 in 10 people who contracted smallpox died from it. Those who survived often experienced significant lasting effects, such as scarring or blindness. In 1798, Edward Jenner developed an inoculation technique for treating smallpox; estimates suggest there were still some 50 million cases annually every year on a global basis …

Reason #7,310: The state of Ravnican Health and Human Services

Seems like a rather poor offering if you ask me. The Rakdos could clearly use some good therapy. Pretty sure this would fall under sadomasochistic tendencies, but I’m no psychologist. I do know the value of good, professional counseling though, Dear Reader. If you’re not feeling right upstairs, go talk to someone. Find a professional …

Reason #7,982: Don’t try this at home

So you’ve probably heard this, but here’s a thing about armor: the joints are the weak points. This knight has her entire right arm bare, with little to no protection for the shoulder joint and the underarm. That’s where people will be aiming the pointy things. Just sayin’. Oh, also: don’t hold long metal objects …

Reason #3,049: That looks like more than an allergy

“Allergies” I don’t think tend to melt the flesh off your bones. Or create spiky…protrusions…or something? Man, I don’t know what’s going on here. Probably too late to go see a doctor. Vaccinate your kids. Vaccinate your pets. Vaccinate yourselves.