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Reason #5,579: The scarecrows have awoken.

I don’t get the sense that these things are benevolent, either. Now, I also don’t get the sense that they’re terribly malicious, but sometimes the indifferent force of nature can be more frightening than enemy bearing evil intent. I expect these things are scaring more than just crows. Be honest, if you heard or saw …

Reason #4,009: Speaking of places to not go into…

Does anyone else notice the eyes in there? Or the teeth? Or the howling? No? Just me? Okay, that’s cool. Y’all go on in. Have fun. I’m just gonna be somewhere else. Like maybe a different multiverse.

Reason #5,818: Those knives, they’re scary

MTG streamer Jamie “Topples” Rigatti summed this one up pretty well during a 9/8/2019 stream, saying, “Look at that knife. That knife is scary as–“ Pretty much sums it up. Can we stop with the knives, guys?