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Reason #3,378: I feel like Dovin should know better.

Come on, dude. You live in the MTG Multiverse; you’re even a planeswalker. Why are you surprised that there are giant monsters everywhere? A civilized plane? Oh, please. This is Ravnica. Go check out the sewers.

Reason #6,601: And you thought alligators in the sewers were bad

Good grief, what even is that thing? Some kind of wurm or something? What are you people throwing down there to feed this thing? If there ever were alligators down there, I’m guessing they’re probably gone now. This has got to be Ravnica.

Reason 7,334: Stay out of the sewers. Stay out of Ravnica.

Ravnica. Listen. You have a problem here. There are terrors and nightmares in your sewers. Is that a squid? Why are we even still talking about your sewers? Get your act together, Ravnica! Come on!

Reason #4,641: Drowning in a cistern

Welcome back to Ravnica’s sewers, folks. This one’s kind of gross. Seems like a really bad way to go. Also, that poor horse! Based on the flavor text, though, it sounds like rot farming is a thing in Ravnica? So, it seems safe to assume that there a nontrivial amount of these sorts of filth …

Reason #47: Catacomb Slugs

A common theme you can expect to see is things (particularly animals) being much larger than they should be. Take this slug that lives in the sewers of the city of Ravnica. The existence of such a creature raises all sorts of questions that might challenge Ravnica’s rank on any “Best Cities to Live In” …