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Reason #6,477: Harfleur is so not worth it.

Oh hey, that’s what was coming through the breach. I’m sorry, Harry. Just…get out of there. Go home to England. France is done. The world is done. … Come on, Innistrad! You saw what the Eldrazi did to Zendikar! You really should have known better!

Reason #7,228: Once more unto the breach, dear friends! Or not. Actually, I think I’m good

Just a hunch, but I suspect if Henry V had run into…whatever that is at the siege of Harfleur, he probably would have turned right around and sailed back to England. I would fully support his decision. What even is that thing? Again, please don’t answer that.

Reason #46: Cannibalism

I know that’s not what they were going for, but I’m having some Titus Andronicus flashbacks here. We all know by now that the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales are not kid-friendly. MTG’s new October 2019 expansion, Throne of Eldraine, is pulling no punches in that regard. And, if we’re sticking to the source material, I …