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Reason #5,270: Maybe we should check in on Zendikar.

After all, there’s a new expansion coming out on the plane of Zendikar. Couldn’t hurt to see what’s new on that plane, right? Let’s take a look. Oh! Oh my! What is that, and what’s it doing to his head? Nope. Nope. Not this plane. Taking the first train out of here.

Reason #3,920: A wound in the universe

So you’re telling me that black stuff seeping out the tomb here is Yawgmoth’s blood? That’s A LOT of blood. Who was this character? Probably some horrible, giant monster from space or something. Probably, I dunno, has acid spit. Just trying to picture what could cause a “wound in the universe” per se. Sounds real …

Reason #7,933: Unregulated blood transfusions

So I’ll admit I’m making a few assumptions here. But. His name is Vilis (vile? Anyone?). He’s a demon. I mean, I don’t actually know what he’s doing with that blood he’s brokering, but…it seems to me like contracts sealed in blood usually don’t favor the person giving away the blood. Also observe that Vilis’s …