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Reason #5,304: It moves

I don’t know that this fellow is actively malicious, though the card text suggests maybe he’s targeting anything that’s not a giant. Whatever the case, living anywhere near this guy just doesn’t seem safe. He might just pick up your house and walk off with it.

Reason #8,009: Build a moat

Why do I need a moat, Syr Branigan? Not that I doubt your advice. Far from it. I just want to know exactly what we’re up against. This is the MTG Multiverse, after all. I mean, how big is this thing? And why are its eyes on fire? Should I build my own moat, or …

Reason #46: Cannibalism

I know that’s not what they were going for, but I’m having some Titus Andronicus flashbacks here. We all know by now that the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales are not kid-friendly. MTG’s new October 2019 expansion, Throne of Eldraine, is pulling no punches in that regard. And, if we’re sticking to the source material, I …