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Reason #255: Meet Avacyn

Here on Innistrad there’s a resident guardian angel named Avacyn. There are a lot of scary, dangerous things on Innistrad–zombies, vampires, werewolves, the Ashmouth. But fortunately, we have Avacyn here on our side to protect us from all those things. Right?

Reason #833: A literal giant in the sky dropping big sharp objects

Haven’t heard much from Lorwyn so far, but this faerie kingdom doesn’t mess around. No creepy zombies. No weird things messing with your soul. No vampires or blood rituals. Not even some freaky monster with too many teeth. Nope. Just a very large man trying to hit you with a very sharp stick.

Reason #437: ‘Throatseekers’ plural

Perhaps the fact that this is a vampire should be explanation enough, but seriously. Why are you seeking my throat? Stay away from my throat! And as if one throatseeker wasn’t bad enough: This one’s not a vampire, so I don’t even know what its issue is. Probably not good. At least this one’s chained…

Reason #2,099: The Sengir family

I’m just gonna go out on a limb here…oh gosh, that was entirely unintentional. Really. Let’s try again. I’m just gonna make a guess, but that fellow looks pretty healthy, so he’s probably not being prepped for surgery. Aaaaaaand I’m also gonna guess that the fellow wearing the skull isn’t a tattoo artist. Aaaaaand the …