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Reason #4,803: Why do they have to make every battlefield a pigpen?

It’s because they’re letting the pigs eat the corpses of the dead soldiers. Did you really need to ask, Toothlicker Harj? You are an orc. I’d expect you’d know these things. Oh. It was a rhetorical question, wasn’t it? Silly me.

Reason #5,641: Dress code violation

These people look more like they’re on their way to an aerobics class, not getting ready to fight a war (also, look at that sword[?] in her hand. What is up with that? Seems like you’re just asking to break your thumb with that thing). And let’s be honest. The MTG Multiverse is a pretty …

Reason #787: Your city just got ransacked

“Why is the brutality so widespread?” you ask. Well, that’s because a zombie army just invaded the city of Ravnica. That zombie in the background is setting that house on fire. War generally has a highly negative impact on property values. It also has a highly positive impact on mortality rates. Move to Ravnica. Lose …