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Reason #88: Things you can do with children

So you summoned the gingerbread twins, cause you thought that would be a good idea. They gave you some stolen food. While you were doing that, an enemy wizard summoned this goon. And now this goon is trying to murder you. You checked your health; that thing gets its mitts on you and your day …

Reason #87: Children

So, in MTG you’re a wizard, right? You summon creatures to fight battles on your behalf. Well, these goobers are among the thousands of creatures at your beck and call. That’s right. You’re using child soldiers now. Also, that food token they brought along with them was stolen. You know the fairy tales; you know …

Reason #5,129: Even more trust issues

They say “steel in their souls”. If this were any other context I’d know this was just a metaphor, but this is the MTG Multiverse. How many times have we run into things like this that are actually meant literally? Yes. Of course, I know it’s a metaphor, so don’t at me. The point is, …

Reason #7,300: Don’t build your house here.

What are these things? Leylines? Geysers? Steam vents? Light? I’m sure wizards would go crazy for any of these things, but I feel like it would be a real problem building a house anywhere near here. Just not very foundationally stable.