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Reason #3,323: They don’t stop at killing you, either.

Are you ready to disband your cult now? Cause this is what you have to look forward to, if you don’t. You’re going to be a zombie thrall. Is that what you want? … Dude! The correct answer was “No!” No! That question was rhetorical!

Reason #5,940: The latest fad

As often as you run into zombies and people raising the dead, it’s like necromancy is some kind of crazy fad over in the MTG Multiverse. Like Beanie Babies or Fidget Spinners or Air Jordans. “Hey Lil, it’s Saturday night. What do you wanna do?” “I got a great idea, Josu. Let’s go down to …

Reason #885: And now it’s dead.

The magical, zombie, cat-god shot the pegasus with her magical, zombie, cat-bow. Good job, MTG Multiverse. Once again, you’ve made a point of killing the nice things in the world. Good job. It’s your own house you’re burning down here. By all means, don’t let me get in your way.

Reason #883: Oketra’s back.

A magical, zombie, cat-god with a magical, zombie, cat-bow. I never played with this card during War of the Spark limited. I’m not sure if I every played against it either, but people said this was possibly the most busted card in the set. You can’t get rid of it, and it just keeps churning …

Reason #881: Kefnet’s back.

The god-eternals were really unbalanced in limited formats. And while I’m no design expert, I think it would have done a lot of good if they had just taken out the part about being put into exile. That’s kind of what the introduction of the exile zone was for: so the there was a place …

Reason #876: There goes the neighborhood

Long story short, the whole city is pretty much a ruin at this point. Nicol Bolas won. The gods are dead (except for the one-armed Hazoret). There are zombies everywhere. Everything is just bad.