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Reason #255: Meet Avacyn

Here on Innistrad there’s a resident guardian angel named Avacyn. There are a lot of scary, dangerous things on Innistrad–zombies, vampires, werewolves, the Ashmouth. But fortunately, we have Avacyn here on our side to protect us from all those things. Right?

Reason #6,127: Bring out your dead

All these zombie knights running around, it’s like Death retired and the four horsemen of the apocalypse decided to have tryouts to replace him. Or maybe they’re all going to a convention or something? I’d hate to be the group that had booked the hall next to that one. Like, you’re a bunch of dentists, …

Reason #6,126: Zombie Knights

What’s up with all the zombie knights? This guy is just wandering around the marshes of Eldraine, as one does. Lookin’ pretty rough honestly. Horse ain’t doing so great. Gonna go…murder…someone. You know, buddy, why not take a break? Nice long break. You’ve earned it. Trust me. Don’t think he’s listening.

Reason #833: A literal giant in the sky dropping big sharp objects

Haven’t heard much from Lorwyn so far, but this faerie kingdom doesn’t mess around. No creepy zombies. No weird things messing with your soul. No vampires or blood rituals. Not even some freaky monster with too many teeth. Nope. Just a very large man trying to hit you with a very sharp stick.

Reason #379: Get out of the way!

Getting hit with that flaming metal ball would be a real bad day on the plane of Ravnica. Why is this zombie monster stomping around the streets of Ravinica? Where do these things come from? Well, I will tell you why and where they come from, dear reader. The dreadhorde butcher is part of the …

Reason #3,941: Don’t put that there!

Hmmmm. When asked the question, “What’s the best way to get to Ravnica?” how would you answer? Maybe drive? Or take a boat? Or planeswalk, if you’re a planeswalker, however that works. Seems reasonable. If you’re Nicol Bolas, you use the Planar Bridge. It opens a portal between planes, one that conveniently is big enough …