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So according to Greek mythology, ichor is the blood of the gods. So what exactly is going on here? Is this elephant some sort of god? In which case, this god just exploded. Yikes. Or, if the elephant isn’t a god, then…what? Did he just get hit by an ichor water-balloon? That seems like a (probably) mild interpretation of what’s going on here. (Though if that is in fact the case, it means someone harvested a bunch of ichor and filled a water balloon with it, in which case, how?) What else could it be then? Some ichor bomb just went off inside this dude’s armor?

You know what? All of these scenarios are bad. I’m betting this fellow is not having a good day.

Also, is ichor toxic? Caustic? Can mortals touch it unscathed? Don’t know. Wouldn’t want to find out first-hand.

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