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Reason #88: Things you can do with children

So you summoned the gingerbread twins, cause you thought that would be a good idea. They gave you some stolen food. While you were doing that, an enemy wizard summoned this goon. And now this goon is trying to murder you. You checked your health; that thing gets its mitts on you and your day is over. So what are you gonna do?

Have you figured it out?

I’m going to tell you. You’re going to send the gingerbread twins out to fight it while you wait for your mana to recharge so you can cast a spell that will get rid of this monster. Good job. You just sacrificed a pair of kids to a demon to save your own skin.

And you probably allowed the cages of the damned to be unlocked in the process. You’re a real hero now. Go eat your stolen gingerbread. You deserve it.


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